Artisan Meat Processing

Fresh Sausage Tutorial

Why make fresh sausage?  No cooking loss is taken prior to selling such product.  Water is added to fresh sausage; while moisture is normally dehydrated from charcuterie type items (meat products are sold by the pound and super high prices can be a deal breaker).  Fresh sausage is much simpler and less labor intensive to successfully… Read More »

Making Roast Beef

True domesticated bovine cows are either beef or dairy type female breeding stock.  After being culled from the herd the carcasses resulting from such animals are utilized primarily in the production of ground beef products.  The whole muscle most often gleaned from culled beef breeding cow carcasses is the inside/top round; which is widely further processed into deli slicer roast beef. … Read More »

Simple P & B Lunchmeat

Producing high quality lunchmeat or boiled ham at home is much easier than most people realize.  However, in the case making boiled ham it’s hard for one to find starting fresh pork leg at a worthwhile price because nearly all of them go for commercial further processing.  Finished hams are often allowed to weigh 10% more than the starting raw meat weight without requiring… Read More »