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Been associated with the meat industry pretty much since starting at a Vocational High school Meat Processing program in 1974. Like to learn and teach interesting and worthwhile livestock production, meat processing and marketing practices.

Cattle, Chattel & Capital

Circa 10,500 years ago humans began envisioning certain animal wealth running wild and so decided to begin domesticating carefully selected species.  Domesticating livestock did away with most hazards of the hunt, saved wasted hunting time and the hard work of packing home dead weight animal parts.  Like sheep and goats of the day, kept cattle also supplied dairy food products.  Other tangible assets of ruminant agriculture included draft work, fiber, sausage casings, natural… Read More »

Death of a Text Book

It seems that for a fairly long period of time now, multiple factors have combined to gradually fade The Meat eat We Eat text book out of modern day meat education. The 14th edition of that once revered book was published back in 2001 and contains 1111 pages.  Between 1943 and 2001 The Meat We Eat was revised into a new edition on an average… Read More »

Pulled-Pork Processes

Rubbing bone-in pork shoulder butts with expensive spices & salt; then later watching much of it drip off the roast’s exterior along with cooking purge is likely the procedure that most often comes to mind when one thinks of home pulled-pork production.  In that scenario, raw meat prep is simple because most modern retail pork butts have already been injected with at least a salt-water… Read More »

Choice Beef Sausage Dip

I have always believed in the garbage in – garbage out food theory, where it’s impossible to end up with a finished product that is of a better quality than what the starting ingredients were.   However, it is possible to end up being disappointed with cooking results when starting with high quality ingredients.  Cooking knowledge and experience make for successful… Read More »